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Is this the problem of VW 2023 SP5(Win 11) International Version for IC? ??


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I have a couple of problems after updating to VW 2023 SP5 (Win 11).

The most annoying problem is all VW files created by IC can’t be located in the Resource Manager. It feels like Vectorworks is not reading IC-created VW files.  

I can’t even find the Custom default library in the Resource Manager. Please see the picture attached below.


Also, the SP5 Update will reindex the VW files, which makes me feel a new version of the Vectorworks version (not the SP package) is installed. It creates a so-called “VW-Original” for the same file in the same Vectorworks Version. This is normal for migrating files from a lower version of VW to a higher version, but it is not expected to have this behavior under the same VW2023 files.

I am not sure if I am the only one who experienced this, but if not, try not to update to SP5!!!

It might be making you a bit frustrated to manually locate your “custom files”.

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