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  1. Hi, I tried a couple of ways of getting the same "issue" as yours, but I couldn't get it. Maybe I have done something different😂. Here is what I did in the video, by the way, did you setup "snap to angle" correctly? snap to angle.mp4
  2. Hum...That's strange. The angle is working good in my current IC. Did you turn the "Snap to Angle" on?
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. You are right, a stable software is very important for drawing and manufacturing. But the continuous improvement is the way to the future as well. It shapes a company's strength, adds capacity on product development, and increase the production efficiency / accuracy as well. Some companies will give away this kind of information in advance for marketing purpose. But not sure if Extragroup allows their staff to say about the new functions / improvements of IC2022 before the official release. Cheers Nap
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Surely, you guys are working very hard on the new IC 2022. Looking forward to seeing what new features are coming out and what functions have been improved in the new release 😃. This gives me a clue of what cabinets/products I can release to the market next year, and most importantly how to make it work from CAD/CAM to CNC linking. So, just kindly to ask that would it be possible to give us a short introduction of "What's new of IC2022" and "Improvements" as well in advance? Kind regards, Nap
  5. Thanks Stephan, That's the answer. 👍 Regards, Nap
  6. Hello team, I know this topic is related to Vectorworks, but I am using Interiorcad and thinking it would be good to ask my questions here. Since VW2022 SP2 has been released last week, presumably it's stable now , I am thinking it might be good to have a try. My questions are: 1. Has anyone installed VW2022 with Interiorcad 2021 yet? 2. If yes, what is the normal procedure to install VW2022? Most importantly do I need to copy the old library (material) and paste it in the new VW2022? 3. Also, is Interiorcad 2021 compatible (or working good) with VW2022 SP2? Or should I wait for the official release of Interiorcad 2022? Thanks a lot. Nap
  7. Hi Chris, I know this topic is irrelevant to me, I have no experience on this machine and their Wop, but I want to contribute "my two cents". When I was doing research on their Cabineo product a few months ago, I noticed that Lamello website has some introduction PDF and Videos on their different Holz-Her machines. What I am thinking is, if they can demonstrate them, then they might have the Macro or similar program that you could use directly, or change a little bit with a new Macro etc with parametric functions to make it work. It might be worth giving Holz-Her a call to check if there are any solutions. Please check the link here of this: https://www.lamello.com/planning-and-processing-partners/#3 I know its irrelevant to me but only "my two cents". Cheers Nap
  8. Hi Sorry for confusing you. If you are using beam saw + point to point CNC as the production workflow, please ignore my reply. This is related to DXF files for flatbed CNC only. When I saw your image, it just aroused my memory when starting to use Interiorcad. I was so new, and did not know the tricks, so made many mistakes on production and modelling. The drillings could be inserted from outside or inside, top or bottom of a panel etc, if you set the direction opposite each other, it needs to export two separated DXF files to record this. In most cases, the nesting CNC is a bit hard to handle double side machining. If you are allowing opposite side DXF to be produced, your CAM system will load and cut extra panels. There is nothing wrong with Interiorcad, as this is a normal/logical way to handle DXF. So, simply ignore this if your are using a different workflow, this might be irrelevant to your situation. Cheers Nap
  9. Such a big company. I am the only one runs my little business. 🤣
  10. I think you need to change the machine direction. Also, please be careful about the inserting direction. If you insert them on the opposite side of other drillings, it will create two separate dxf which you can disable later in export settings.
  11. I typed "English version", but not sure why it shows "German" version. It seems Google Chrome confused this. Put it another way, has the International version released yet?
  12. Yeah, the drawer tool needs to make improvements, it's a fundamental tool for cabinetry jobs.
  13. 👍 Is the English version available yet? The new functions would allow me to create a new products. Nice
  14. You could share your file in Vectorworks Cloud, Dropbox or whatever similarly.
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