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External Reference and Nullpunkt(0,0) setting


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Hello thank you all for looking into this post,

I have a main file that I would x-ref in other consultants in, we are working in Geo-referenzed system but that means my drawing in Vectorworks is very far from (0,0)

I tried to set (0,0) at the corner of the site and pull the drawings to Vectorwork (0,0) point, but that messes up my x-ref files, they are all over the place.

So I deleted the x-ref and re-Xref in a few times, to put the x-refs into places.

After having this problem a few times I would like to ask if there is anything I can keep all the x-ref file in place and stil be able to move my drawing closer to drawing board without messing up my files.



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This is the german VW-forum. For inquiries in English it is worthwhile to post them in the english forum. You will get a better answer there. Just because it's clear to everyone what x-ref is about. I can only guess what your problem actually is.

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Manuel Roth

Vectorworks 2022 SP3 | Architektur | Windows 10

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