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My 3 wishes


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Hello team, 


I would like to show my 3 wishes :D here: 


1. I hope the rabbet functions can be incorporated in Cabinet 3D and the drawer tool. It will be very nice to see this working. 



2. When making changes in the Master Data, the changes can be automatically updated for existing library, so I don't need to open the cabinet in Cabinet 3D and close it again to refresh. 

Also, allowing multiple selections on construction, for example I just wanting to change a few items like Scriber, Drawers, Doors and plinth material only. 




3. Having a global hardware option for hardware changes. For example in the picture below: 

I have A, B, C... and E drawers, the existing drawer runners are all Blum Antaro, but now I need to make changes as customer required (for example),

Drawers in 1 are all Blum metabox, drawers in 2 are Hettich AvantechYOU, and drawers in 3 are Blum Legrabox ... etc. 

Instead of changing one by one, I wish there is a place can record the hardware that allow us to swap the hardware without deleting them, so this could avoid deleting other drillings, for example screw holes.  








My ideal solution is having something like this below, there is a place to record the hardware information applied in Cabinet A....to F, and then I can select the one to change the drawers or hinges. This way will be very helpful for someone doing contract cutting jobs, it speeds up the programming work. 




Thanks for your time team. 




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